Tony’s: East Verses West Topography

OK…while the initial posts were authored under my name, they were predominantly Spider’s posts…with the exception of our blog’s initial Hello post. So I thought it was time to author something of my own.

Most of you are aware I have been traveling the East Coast visiting the states of Florida, New York, and Massachusetts. What I have found most interesting is the topography comparisons from where I live on the West Coast to those that I have seen while breezing through the East Coast. Much of these eastern states are either flat or gradual rolling hill elevations but dominated with much greenery, forests, or some combination there-forth. The west coast elevations seem much more distinct in look and defined in elevation changes…guess what I mean on that last comment is less gradual gradation.

While California has it’s elements of rolling hills, flat lands are clearly flat, dominated often by hay-like fields in the valley areas and then sudden dramatic climbings of grounds laying the footwork for high mountain ranges. As Pete and I were driving up to Lake George, New York this past Friday, I found myself comparing it to Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada. The drive to Lake George was much more direct and at times I had no idea that we were really ever making a climb up to higher elevations (granted, the elevation change is no where near as high as Tahoe). Once you get into the Adirondack State Park Region, much of the forest is a mixture of pines, red maples, birch, and several other maple tree varieties. The lake itself is pristine much like Lake Tahoe though not nearly as ‘blue.’ Every inch of the surrounding hills are covered with trees. In comparison, Tahoe is distinctly mountainous, its granite and often snow-covered surfaces visible from all portions of the lake. And the forests are dominated by evergreens…pines, sequoias, Douglas firs, etc.

I found myself telling Pete if this land were in California it would be gobbled up. I find it hard to believe that more of New York, and for that matter Florida, has not been developed. And I am amazed at how much rich historical architecture in some of these areas just seems tobe going by the wayside. I think some of these eastern communities really need to study how they could revitalize areas long thought dead due to parting industries. Then again that’s me speaking.

In any event, I have rambled here enough. Just thought I’d share some thoughts on East verses West. Damn, I’m loving this great country of ours, the more I see of it!! Hope you all get to see more of it too, if you haven’t experienced some of it already. Later.


~ by Tony on April 28, 2007.

7 Responses to “Tony’s: East Verses West Topography”

  1. It has been a lot of fun driving Mr. T around and showing him the beauty of our region. I often forget at times why I like living here but getting out and exploring and showing it to someone new is a friendly reminder. Hopefully I will get to the west coast and get to experience first hand the differences.

  2. Auuugggh, Tony! Please don’t say “development”! The area I live in (in the East) once contained some of the richest farmland (soil) in the country, producing more per acre than any where else. Now it is begin gobbled up by suburban lawns and “preppie patches”. Likewise our forest land.

    I will concur with your comment about revitalizing the dead areas of our cities and industrial areas. Besides being a wiser use of land (than “discarding” it and gobbling up more), there are (as you noted) some magnificent structures whose architecture is priceless. Sadly they are falling into neglect and ruin.

    On your travels, did Pete take you into the Berkshires (western MA) or Vermont?


    I’m glad that you’re back! 🙂

  4. fun reading; but did you find Mr. Radcliffe in either direction?

  5. Yes, New York can be really pretty. I wish I could see more of the US! There are so many places I need to get to. I got to California once, but basically visited Hollywood and Universal Studios. It was all too short. Maybe someday I can get back there.

  6. Awesome to see you lads blogging as a duo :).

    Spider, glad you are maintaining an online voice. Blogworld would not seem worth it without you.

    With much love

  7. One day, I am going to get you to Virginia and North Carolina – and show you “God’s Country”… the Blue Ridge, the Shenandoah Valley, the Outer Banks, Richmond… sigh… now I am making myself homesick!

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