Spider’s: Tell Me Tuesday…

BEFORE I start Tell Me Tuesday, if you have not been there, get over to He Who Design’s blog and give my man a hardy congratulations for passing his Senior Project – not that there was EVER any doubt in my mind! After-all, wouldn’t you want THIS MAN designing your bedroom – he does wonders with the color red btw… and thanks Pete for the use of the pic!


So, as for Tell Me Tuesday, the question is this…


Have you ever been expecting the worst and ended up getting the best? What were you expecting and what did you end up getting?


~ by Brett on May 1, 2007.

9 Responses to “Spider’s: Tell Me Tuesday…”

  1. Nice question. I cannot think of any particular situation where this as happened offhand. I may come back just now if I think of something. I confess I fear the worst when I come completely out of the closet in terms of my family, but certainly I am hoping for the best.

  2. Wow…I always like to think the worst in a stressful situation — not passing a test, misspeaking during a speech, forgetting to do something — so that I am completely surprised when everything turns out well. Kind of a defense mechanism. I could give so many examples form during college, but there isn’t enough space!!

  3. Oh I have had a number – my recent class you blogged about happens to be one. But one that stands out was when my last employer went through ists first major restructuring and I had to reapply for a similar field job. All the while not thinking I was going to get my ideal job or in a location I needed it to be in. In the end, it all worked out to my advantage!!!

  4. You know, I usually think the worst and it ends up being a total disaster!

  5. Great question! Yes, the example I gave you today. Three weeks ago, I had to deal with a situation at work with someone that could have gotten real ugly. Upon recifying the situation, a bond was created, hence, me driving all over town for this someone. It was soo well worth it!

  6. Your welcome. I actually had this happen at work this week.

  7. with me i think everything is going to be worse than it is, especially when it comes to my job.. Tony back me up here.. lol

    Ohh and i wonder who the hot man is in the photo .. i know one very lucky BF…


  8. what a handsome man! If I can’t get my paws on Jack Radcliffe I will settle for Mr. Tony.
    I suppose the easiest answer to your question is “life”. I felt the penny drop several times in my life only to have it turn out ok. I counted 6

  9. lately it’s been a pain in the ass, and not the kind I want!

    Dang T looks handsome as hell there.

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