Spider’s: I’m Here… He’s There – and it’s Meme’ Time!

OK boys and girls, I am trying to get a handle on this bi-costal blog thing… so what better way to get Tony involved then two really good Meme’s – the first is from Spo by way of Lemuel, the second is from Lemuel himself… As Brad says, I AM the Meme’ whore of the Internet!


Time Passages Meme’

1AM In which time zone do you live?
Eastern Time – as of now, Eastern FUCKING DAYLIGHT SAVINGS Time (I HATE DST!)

2 AM What time do you get up in the morning?
When I was a working man it was 5:00 – now, it is around 6:30…

3 AM Is there a time of day that is your favorite?
I am a night person – I love it when the sun goes down – I feel safer and more secure in the darkness…

4AM A ‘waste of time’ for you is…
Being put on hold on the phone, fighting one of those press one to speak to a human, press 2 to speak to an alien…, and sitting in traffic on the 408 or I-4…

5AM Do you have a favorite timepiece?
I have my Grandfather’s mantle clock that rings ships bells… it is in the closet and needs repair.

6AM What has been the best time of your life so far? It would be the summer between my Senior Year of HS and my Freshman year of college – had saved up enough that I didn’t have to work and spent the entire summer laying on the beach… And even with everything that is going on now, this time of my life is pretty damn good in some respects!

7AM If you could save time in a bottle, you would….
I would use the happy times for when I am depressed…

8AM I have no time for….
…selfishness, self-centerness and those who think that they are better than others.

9AM This takes you more time than the usual person to do…
…just getting ready in the morning.

10AM What time in history would you go to visit?
I would like to go forward about 30 years to see how this all turns out.

11AM What was the worst time of your life?
The day my Grandmother died.

12PM For a good time, I do the following….
…take a nice long drive, listen to my favorite CD’s and talk to my man… not necessarily in that order!



1. Live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Either Richmond, VA or the southern Outer-Banks of North Carolina

2. Have any job, what would it be?
Architect or Symphony/Symphonic Band Conductor

3. Have a date with any actor/actress, who would it be with?
Barbra Streisand

4. Who would you want to look like?
Matt Damon

5. Whose brain would you like to have?
Who’s do you have to offer?

6. Would you rather be a famous Singer, Author, Actor or Artist(painter)?

7. Have a farm, what five animals would you have on it?
5 Basset Hounds

8. Own a famous painting, what would it be?
One of the series of the Houses of Parliament by Monet

9. Have your dream wedding, where would it be?
The National Cathedral – Washington DC…

10. Have your last meal on earth, what would it be?
Shrimp cocktail, French onion soup topped with loads of mozzarella cheese, charcoal grilled rib-eye steak – RARE, broiled lobster tail, French Fries, fetichini carbanara (sp), a wonderful cheesecake and Diet Coke.

11. Afterthought!
Be any superhero, who would you be?

PLEASE, Spiderman – is there any other?

OK Tony – you are up to bat… and anyone else who want’s to play along, please do!


~ by Brett on May 2, 2007.

10 Responses to “Spider’s: I’m Here… He’s There – and it’s Meme’ Time!”

  1. Well that was educational :-). Glad you are finding the upside in life even now my friend.

    I think I may just do both memes.

  2. I will do both memes when I get home from work and add a panda! I hope you are doing okay dear spider!

  3. First, just a correction – Maggie should get the credit for the “Imagine” meme, not me. I’m just another one of her whores. LOL!

    You are right on with 4AM – it ranks right up there for me with going to the bathroom. At least when I am done wasting time, I can flush and feel some sense of satisfaction.

    I was fascinated by your choice of wedding site. My own two runners up were National Cathedral (DC) or St. John the Divine (NYC).

    I’ll join you for that meal, but I want mine well-done, please.

  4. First of all, Lemuel…..thank you for the credit, but you could get me in trouble with that “ho” reference. Look at Don Imus for example. 😉 haha
    Spider, your last meal is gonna kill you. Cholesterol City!! 🙂

  5. I love ship clock chimes!!!
    we all grew up with them and could tell time via ‘bells’ before we could read the face.
    My own ship’s clock finally popped a coil. Probably time to get a new one – I miss the brass chimes.

  6. Lordy Spider….
    I’ll have to find the time to do two memes. Work tomorrow so it will have to wait.

    Oh so for a good time I have to compete with two other items. Heck you didn’t even lead off the response with me first. *Sigh* (Really, LMAO!)

  7. Very interesting. I had to laugh I am actually working on a project at the National Cathedrial in Washington. Beautiful church to bad I don’t get to visit only look at pictures.

  8. Love you mr, these were great reminded me of that night we thought of all those things about Pete.

  9. Back to say I have done both memes.

    Hope you are doing okay Hon.?

  10. Thanks for the two memes, Spider. I’ll have to post them on my MySpace blog (where I post most of the memes I do).

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