Spider’s: East Coast Vs. Left Coast – Time Differences and Phone Calls


Three hours – doesn’t seem like all that long a time, unless you are in the dentist chair or on a really BAD blind date, but it is, as you know, a royal pain in the ass if you have someone on the Left Coast that you talk to via phone. My 10:00 is his 7:00 so here I am, rambling on about God knows what thinking in the back of what little brain I have left, that he also is getting ready for bed when in fact he is sitting on the other end STARVING because it is 7:00 there and he has not had supper yet.

And good news in the morning must wait until after 12:00 here because there are days that he can sleep in and I sure don’t want to wake him…

But the nice thing is on nights when I can’t sleep, my 2:30 AM is his 11:30 PM, and he is usually still awake and I can call and hear his voice and tell him I love him… and often that is all it takes.

And in the above chart, PLEASE do not confuse the International Date Line with the International Gay Line – they are two different things.


~ by Brett on May 9, 2007.

8 Responses to “Spider’s: East Coast Vs. Left Coast – Time Differences and Phone Calls”

  1. International Gay Line does get my attention :-).

    Waiting for someone to wake up always seems to take far too long.

  2. Someone needs to move to the East Coast, me thinks… 😉

  3. Or Tigeryogi, someone needs to move to the Left Coast. 😉

  4. where is the International Gay Line?
    San Francisco?
    Key West?
    or whereever Harvey Fierstein is?

  5. It could be worse: one of you could be in Europe or Asia or Australia.

    Think about the problems we’ll encounter in 100 years when people have long-distance relationships between Earth and Mars. To heck with the time zone, what fracking planet are you on? 😉

  6. Boy, I am chuckling at Doug’s thought process. Personally I’ll be on UR-ANUS!!!!!!! (On the floor, peeing in my pants…he set that one up perfectly. Thanks Doug!)

  7. Two things gave me a chuckle about this post:

    1) Spider and Lemuel refering to the “Left” coast, instead of that silly “West” coast title.

    2) Spider refering to the evening meal as “supper”, instead of dinner.

    I made the right choice, moving to the southern Right coast.

  8. While I have lived on the West Coast…..I’ll always be an East Coast boy.

    Maybe the solution is for you two to meet in the middle? 🙂

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