Spider’s: Train of Thought Thursday

Since Train of Thought Thursday was such a success, and I KNEW you all would be waiting for one today, who am I to disappoint!


This time, it is a little different – and I think this will not only draw out the East/Left coast thing but also the North/South/Midwest/New England thing also. All you need to do is answer the question and tell us where you are from or where you live… As easy as falling off a log backwards on a warm summer afternoon after a couple of Margaretas!

– What do you call the place you go to buy uncooked food – such as a Publix, Safeway, Giant or Piggly-Wiggly? (Not what the name of your store is, but the generic name for this kind of establishment. I wasn’t clear – sorry about that…)

– What do you call the metal thing you push around the said store to put your purchases in?

– When they put the purchases in container to take home, and for the sake of argument you said “paper”, what do you call them?

– You purchased a carbonated beverage to drink when you get home – what do you call it?

– You put the purchases away and you sit on the piece of furniture in front of the TV that seats more than one person, what do you call it?

– And for MiKell, what do you call your mid-day meal and what do you call your evening meal that you prepare with the items purchased from the said establishment?


~ by Brett on May 10, 2007.

19 Responses to “Spider’s: Train of Thought Thursday”

  1. Let’s see. I go to the Super Fresh. I push my things around in a shopping cart. They put them in a paper bag. I drink soda and sit on the couch. And I eat lunch and dinner.

    Oh, and I am in Baltimore, but originally from Pittsburgh. (I guess I should say I drink pop)

  2. I go to the grocery store, get a shopping carriage, have my purchases put in a paper bag, buy myself a soda, sit on the couch to watch some TV and plan what I will be having for lunch and dinner!

  3. Intereting meme! heh! For me, I got to a supermarket Albertson’s or an independent chain, Trader Joe’s. Push around a cart and have my groceries filled in plastic bags, or my own TJ’s tote which I store in my car. What else… soda, couch, lunch & dinner. That’s about it.

  4. a – “grocery store”
    b – “shopping cart”
    c – “bag”
    d – “soft drink” or “soda” (I grew up with “soft drink” but where I live now they say “soda”
    e – usually a “couch”; sometimes a “sofa” – growing up in my parent’s home it was a “davenport”
    f – “dinner” and “supper” respectively (although “lunch” and “dinner” are understood in context.)

    So, you mean EVERYONE does use these same words?! LOL!

  5. I go to the store (Safeway). I push my things around in a cart(mostly a basket(hand)) . They put them in a bag(plastic). I drink soda(root beer if any) and sit on the couch. And I eat lunch and dinner.

    I’m from San Jose , but live in Santa Rosa

  6. Store, Cart, Bag, Soda, Couch, Lunch & Dinner

    ( am i still invisible?)

  7. This left coaster born in Northern California and now living in Northern Oregon goes to the grocery store, pushes a cart and asks for paper bags. At home I’ll drink my soda while relaxing on the couch knowing that light lunch was not enough to make it to dinner so I’ll have to munch on some cheese curds to hold me over.

    Note – most Oregonians drink “pop”.

  8. Commissary (grew up on a military base)
    Shopping cart
    paper bag
    Soda or Coke
    2 cushions=loveseat…3 cushions=couch
    lunch & dinner

  9. Southern Californian, born and raised.

    1. grocery store, or sometime just “the store”
    2. a cart
    3. bags
    4. coke
    5. couch
    6. lunch, dinner

  10. I live in Illinois, but grew up someplace else. I go to the grocery store. While unloading my shopping cart, I’ll ask for a paper bag. At home, I’ll remember to pu the soda in the refrigerator (though as a kid, it would have been tonic). Then I’ll plop on the couch while I plan what’s for dinner, or perhaps for supper. Lunch is eaten in the middle of the day, at work.

    So where did I grow up?

  11. Here goes:

    I’m From the greater Trampa, errr, I mean Tampa Bay area. I now live in New England.

    Grocery store. Grocery cart. Bags. Soda (Diet Coke, thank you.) Couch. Lunch/Dinner.

    What do I win?

  12. Having lived all over these great states of America, I:

    Go to the grocery store, though my mother called it the supermarket. I put everything in the grocery CART, though I giggle when people call it a carriage. I ask for PLASTIC bags, so that we can kill PLASTIC trees instead of the real ones, but not the case of COKE (no matter the flavor). When I get home, I might have something for lunch, or wait until SUPPER to eat a big meal… because we only ate DINNER on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, when we ate the big meal at approximately 1300 hours, depending on whether my mother had burned it all, or not.

    Though I admit to calling the evening meal dinner now. A girl has to grow up, eventually.

  13. I go to the grocery store, grab a cart, ask the cute bagger boy for paper. I leave my pop in the cart which the cashier scans with her wand. Once home, I kick back on the sofa while enjoying a cold can of pop with my lunch. During lunch I’m mulling over what will be served for dinner.

  14. I go to a grocery store called Hannafords. I put items in a shopping cart. They put my groceries in a bag and I enjoy them durning lunch and dinner on the couch.

  15. Well ‘this better half’ who happend to live in southern California (but formerly from the San Francisco/Bay Area) goes to the grocery store, places his groceries in a shopping cart, that ultimately end up in a paper or plastic bag. When it comes to that needed drink I have a soda or pop (yes, my family happens to intermix them – think it is due to the fact that my maternal grandfather was from Kansas). I love lounging on the couch but my design instructors would hang me for not referring to it as a sofa. And my meals are lunch and dinner period.

  16. Without looking at the other answers:

    I shop at the grocery store.
    I use a shopping cart.
    They put my groceries in a bag.
    I drink soda.
    I sit on the couch or sofa (I use both terms).
    I eat lunch and dinner.

    I’m from Southwest Florida.

  17. grocery store

    alabama born and bred

  18. The grocery sto’ (Or the Hoggly Woggly just because I like saying it.)
    paper bag
    coke or co-cola
    I am one generation removed from calling it dinner/supper. It’s lunch/dinner for me.
    I’m a native Memphian.

  19. a) the store or safeway when I am being distinct
    b) Cart
    c) Bag
    D) Soda
    E) Couch
    f) Lunch/Dinner

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