Brett’s: Meaningful Monday…

Some may just consider this a chemo and radiation induced rant – it may be and so be it.

I consider out little group of bloggers to be a close knit group – and I consider this out beyond the people who we read daily out to those we read weekly and those we have linked.  We are a more mature group – which is something that I like – none of us are real “spring chickens” and the fact that most of us are far enough into out 30’s we know how to act.  I guess I thought we were all over the “Who is your best friend?” or “Who is the cutest blogger” or “Which blogger would you most like to boink?”  Oh sure, these are passed off as “it is just a joke”, or “don’t make a big deal out of a silly blogpost” – and that is the case when it is the poster talking who has always won these stupid contest made to make others feel superior to others.  Sure phone calls are made and apologies are given but the post still remains and the damage is done.  It is “no harm no foul” to the poster. but to the others, who this may not be the first time they have come out on the opposite end of one of these… the not so subtle message is still there.

I guess I thought we were all past this, but with Pride’s coming up all across the land next month, I guess it is important to some who they hang with, how many people they can fuck and if they are hanging out with a fuckable crowd.  Real shame – how we can say we have pride in ourselves and still “diss” others within our own very close circle.  I guess some of us are too good to hold hands with the “not so cool kids” to make sure they get across the street OK.

Maybe a “Which blogger do you feel is the most self centered, egotistical, spoiled asshole?” contest would be appropriate for next month?

I am done – chalk it up to the drugs…


~ by Brett on May 14, 2007.

10 Responses to “Brett’s: Meaningful Monday…”

  1. That was a good post. Granted, I won’t be going anywhere (or doing anything) for Pride, but I totally understand. I’ve learned that no matter how old we are life seems to be like an endless High School…and gay guys tend to hold on to that mentality moreso than others.

    Reminds me of the video/song from Bowling For Soup – High School Never Ends.

  2. Somehow I think I missed something, although I know the type.

  3. I just did that poll thingy on the fly because I couldn’t think of anything to write. I was trying to think of something that wasn’t about me. I was trying to do something that would bring other bloggers together. After the poll started, only then did I began having that sinking feeling of the repercussions. The poll was for entertainment purposes only. SERIOUSLY.

    FYI – Brushstrokes gives me shit on my blog all the time in the comments section. Just in good humor and fun. Otherwise, it would be a boring place. My BF is always asking me WHO is this Brushstrokes guy that is always dogging you in the comments? I have to explain that it is Tony from Cali that I met last year and it is all just in fun.

    Please don’t take anything on my blog seriously. I am a Gemini. I just go about blogging as a form of entertainment. But I do appreciate the social contacts I have made through blogging. That is why I called Tony yesterday to talk about it. And by the way, I talk with Tony weekly on the phone. I think we have a great relationship.

  4. every group has a dark side to it. I hope evey group and own up to their warts and all and try to rise above them.
    I hope ours – whether, gay, bloggers, etc. – and do so.

  5. It’s always been my opinion that you were the cutest blogger…

    Love ya, babe.

  6. It should be an honor to simply be *nominated*. There was no attempt to turn it into anything than what it was: a fun poll. Hell, I wasn’t even on the list along with many others who felt they were definitely boinkable, but you don’t see me bitching.

  7. I didn’t see this particular post on anyone’s blog that I frequent, but, I know exactly what you mean Hon! 🙂

  8. Tony/Spider-I agree, especially after spending an evening in New Orleans watching the jockeying that was going on from club/bar to just walking down the street. By the time I left, I did feel as though I were back in High School, old feelings of rejection surfaced-but thank God my ego strength was stronger and I realized it wasn’t about me…it was “them”…they needed to be seen with the most handsome, cutest bubble butt, etc. This is one of the reasons I read you guys’ blog daily, as there is substance to it-food for thought-an expression of you joys and sorrows-and sometimes some playfulness. Thanks for the effort you put into your blogs.

  9. *wiping avocado facial off into dish to serve guest later. Recycle!* I’m pretty. I am! I’m pretty and popular and special. I am!

    I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’d hold your hand anywhere, any time, any place.

  10. spoiled asshole? egotistical? self-centered? I’ll own up to 2 of those.

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