Spider’s: Train of Thought Thursday…

Well, here we are again – and it is time for Train of Thought Thursday… the game show that says, as long as you keep winning, you keep winning!


You know how this works – just write the first thought you have for each work or phrase that is listed below…

–  magazine

–  I love you

–  platter

–  holiday

–  whatever

–  make me smile…

–  distance

–  video

–  diet

–  not in a million years…

Have Fun!


~ by Brett on May 17, 2007.

6 Responses to “Spider’s: Train of Thought Thursday…”

  1. magazine – Men’s Health
    I love you – I love you, too
    platter – lunch or record
    holiday – Christmas
    whatever – sigh of resignation
    make me smile… I know some ways, but I had better not be explicit.
    distance – does not have to be a barrier
    video – porn
    diet – I need to get back on track on mine
    not in a million years… will I ever be buff.

  2. 1. Time
    2. The Boyfriend
    3. silver
    4. Christmas
    5. a Valley-Girl voice with fingers forming a “W”
    6. tickle
    7. long
    8. Killed the Radio Star
    9. is a four-letter word
    10. I’ve heard that one before.

  3. I swear I filled this out and clicked “submit comment”!

    – magazine – Entertainment Weekly

    – I love you – Awwww

    – platter – dinner

    – holiday – vacation

    – whatever – annoying

    – make me smile… – puppies

    – distance – makes the heart grow fonder

    – video – killed the radio star

    – diet – Coke with Splenda

    – not in a million years… – eons

  4. 1. Slick
    2. Smile
    3. Food
    4. Cheer
    5. What EVER!
    6. Happy
    7. Time
    8. Porn
    9. Life
    10. Sex with a whale.

    I don’t know how #10 came into my head but that was the first though.

  5. I love this weekly segment Spidie!!!

    – magazine…Architectural Digest (Sorry, it’s the designer in me)

    – I love you…Spidie

    – platter…Silver (platter)

    – holiday…Memorial Day (hey, it’s the next one in line here)

    – whatever…works for you

    – make me smile…YOU (make me smile)

    – distance…long (distance)

    – video…camera

    – diet…(Oh this one is real EASY!) coke

    – not in a million years…will I have sex in the men’s dressing room of Nordstrom’s (now don’t go there my man!)

  6. – magazine (waste of a good tree)

    – I love you (liar)

    – platter (plitter)

    – holiday (5 day weekend)

    – whatever (whatEV

    – make me smile… (my friends)

    – distance (closeness)

    – video (popcorn)

    – diet (quitter)

    – not in a million years… (va-jay-jay)

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