Spider’s: East-West Question – Closets…

NO, not who is IN them, but what do they look like. 

Several of you have given me the honor to stop by the cottage for a spell, and some have even spent several evening.  Just to refresh your memory, the cottage is a 1927 Livery Stable that was converted to a one bedroom cottage in the 1940’s – so closet space is at a sheer minimum.  There is ONE closet for the entire house – in the bedroom and it has no door.  There is a closet in the living room but it houses the hot water heater, fire extinguisher and other items – not suitable for clothes.  So, needless to say, closet space is at a premium.

To improve the situation, when I re-did the bedroom, the ex found this cool rolling closet – it matches the wire shelving that is on wheels and is in the kitchen and ties into the wire shelving on wheels I am using as night tables in the bedroom also.  He who decorates helped me assemble the entire piece when he was here and it is now up and functioning.  I have placed it on front of the existing closet which is housing winter coats, suits, dress pants and the like.  The mobile closet is where dress shirts are hung, sport shirts, t-shirts and shorts are folded and run about shoes are kept.  There are 4 cloth bins in each of the night stands were underoo’s, undert’s, socks, magazines, toys and other accoutrement are stored.  So, for the first time in 3 years, I have an organized bed room and not a room that just houses a bed.

Below are poor pics from my Slivr phone of what it looks like.  HWD added the splashes of red to the room to make it pop.  I am hoping he will share his west coast closet and all of you in between with do the same.




~ by Brett on May 18, 2007.

10 Responses to “Spider’s: East-West Question – Closets…”

  1. Show Off! I’d still get those canvas enclosures for the shirts. That’s just this “HWD’s” humble opinion.
    Leave it to you to have all shirts our and no pants. Reminds me of a certain day on the beachy east shores of Florida. LOL. 😛

  2. Well, I tried several times to see your closet in person…..but, alas, no such luck. Mine is six feet long holding lots of goodies.

  3. i don’t see any fuschia gowns, pumps or black strapless evening gowns in this closet. A disappointment. I’ll send you some of my extras.

  4. Yeah, where are your pants?

  5. My poor closet is woefully overstuffed. Even with a split-rod system, it’s jam packed!

  6. Closets! Ha, thats a laugh! We live in a 1904 summer house in Maine, no need for closets here…except when you want to live here full time and have way too many clothes. We keep most of ours on the floor anyway

  7. Hah! No way in HELL am I showing anyone my closet. It’s a big ol’ mess!

  8. I like it, very shiek with a touch of industrial.

  9. I may try it! It’s a mess though~

  10. Very Neat, I like it. I will post a pic of my closet, once I have caught up on the laundry. Right now most of my clothing is in the, “floordrobe” behind the bathroom door. 😉

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