Tony’s: The Eighth ‘Little’ Wonder of the World

Last night was a good night with my Spidie. We had a great evening chat and it was evident he was in much better spirits – can you say frisky. He’s had a rough week or so. The very low red cell count has sent him into a bit of a ‘sleepy’ mode. But something turned him around last night. We laughed something fierce and over some of the silliest things.

Don’t ask me how, but we managed to get on the topic of the seven dwarfs and started chuckling over potential new names for the dwarfs. So oblige us a bit here. This may actually end up being rather fun. We could all use a bit of humor.

If you were Snow White’s eighth dwarf, what would be your name? Any specific reason for that choice?


Mine would be Cuddly! Isn’t that already self-explanatory? Ain’t nothing better than pounding away at the mines, coming home and getting all cleaned up, and then headin’ off to bed with ‘something’ (or did I mean someone) good to sleep with through the night.

We’re eager to hear your response to the questions above!


~ by Tony on May 23, 2007.

15 Responses to “Tony’s: The Eighth ‘Little’ Wonder of the World”

  1. Equus since I spend as much time as I can mounted……………on Horseback :-).

  2. Hector, they need to add a little diversity to the group and who doesn’t like a little latin once in a while.

  3. I thought dwarf names had to end in “y” – except for “Doc”. I guess mine would be “Ready” for so many reasons on so many levels…

  4. Kinky, the 8th Dwarf. I like the ring of that! 😉

  5. I vote for Stinky

  6. I can be Doc’s cousin Red.

  7. I vote Sleazy … everyone loves a little sleaze now and then, right?

  8. I’d be Witty because I usually have something funny to say (more often than not under my breath so only those close to me hear).

  9. Oh this is TOO easy: I’d be Sassy, the well dressed dwarf flitting aroung cleaning up after the other men, trimming their beards and zinging them with my catty wit! I’d also bitch slap that snow white for intruding on our “all male energy” space! plus, I’d totally do Prince Charming and then rub it in her face!

  10. creamy….’nuf said

  11. Randy…as in the horny (randy) little devil.

  12. Fuzzy! Veryfuzzy!

  13. Is there a Cranky and Bitchy smurf? Hong Kongy Smurf?

    Pardon? Dwarfs?

    Never mind.

  14. Probably bookie. Not because I like to place horse racing bets, but because I would be the one in the corner with the book!

  15. Handy. And I’m not implying that I’m good with tools. Well. Maybe THAT tool. 🙂

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