Spider’s: Train of Thought Thursday, a day early…

Hey everyone!  I apologize for the lack of posting here – things just seem to be getting in the way.  Before we track off to Train of Thought Thursdaya day early, here is a quick catch-up of lifes events:

–  Chemo and Radiation are over!  They ended on Friday of last week  – so in about 3-4 weeks I should begin to feel like my old self.

–  Surgery in 6-8 weeks regardless if the tumor is still there or not.  I wish it were tomorrow – I hate to wait – I have not patience what so ever (sound familiar Brad?)…

–  Blew the engine in the Jeep last week – so are looking at option in that area so I am currently relying on “the kindness of strangers” and the local bus system to get around… 


OK – enough of my pissing and moaning… Train of Thought Thursday – you know the drill… first thing that pops into your mind…

– apple pie

– elevator

– fabulous

– computer

– airlines

– visit from someone special

– chalkboard

– contacts

– carpet

– sunshine

OH, and thanks to Pete for this one… Go check out his site to get yours!

What Spider Means
S is for Sensual

P is for Playful

I is for Inspirational

D is for Delicate

E is for Energetic

R is for Radiant



~ by Brett on May 30, 2007.

10 Responses to “Spider’s: Train of Thought Thursday, a day early…”

  1. – apple pie: ice cream
    – elevator: going up
    – fabulous: absolutely
    – computer: work
    – airlines: hassle
    – visit from someone special: wonderful
    – chalkboard: school
    – contacts: lenses
    – carpet: clean
    – sunshine: lover (it was a pet name for one of mine – he was my sunshine.)

  2. – apple pie…a la mode
    – elevator…OOO baby, SHAFT!!!
    – fabulous…simply (fabulous)
    – computer…geek
    – airlines…vacation
    – visit from someone special…sex – well you asked!
    – chalkboard…classroom
    – contacts…job leads
    – carpet…shag (carpet)
    – sunshine…YOU are my SUNSHINE, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray…

    That was fun hun!! Am I being a geek or what?!

    I think SPIDER comes pretty darn close to what it says…1 na 2 are spot on. 😛

  3. – apple pie: granny smith
    – elevator: crowded with people
    – fabulous: faboo
    – computer: lifeline sometimes
    – airlines: broken suitcase handle
    – visit from someone special: next week, yay!
    – chalkboard: nails going down
    – contacts: can be a pain
    – carpet: not a fan of it
    – sunshine: instant good mood

  4. – apple pie: Vermont cheddar
    – elevator: Otis
    – fabulous: AbFab
    – computer: terminal
    – airlines: Braniff
    – visit from someone special: July
    – chalkboard: paint
    – contacts: Outlook
    – carpet: area rug
    – sunshine: day

  5. Here’s hoping for a quick return to normalcy after chemo. And for your next car: buy a diesel. They’re reliable and fuel efficient. My $0.02.

    – apple pie: mom
    – elevator: escalator
    – fabulous: uh, fabulous
    – computer: programmer
    – airlines: stewardess
    – visit from someone special: woo hoo!
    – chalkboard: discrete mathematics (sorry, college memory)
    – contacts: glasses
    – carpet: muncher
    – sunshine: up my ass

  6. last time I did a word association test I was nearly committed so no thank you very much.
    I am glad you are doing well!

  7. 1. Alamode
    2. Going up?
    3. Thank you sweetie.
    4. Code
    5. travel
    6. Cuddle
    7. Erase
    8. Jodi Foster
    9. Drapes
    10. Hope

    I loved your name. I am sorry to hear about the jeep.

  8. Spidey…wish it were “tomorrow” for you too. You’re in my thoughts and I send you nothing but the best.

  9. Spider! Fantastic that you’re back! We had Wildside’s again last night, and I thought of you! I’ll continue to keep you in my thoughts. Don’t be a stranger!

    apple pie: my partner Patrick’s is the best
    elevator: ugh, the awkwardness!
    fabulous: aren’t I?
    computer: is my constant companion
    airlines: time is money
    visit from someone special: priceless
    chalkboard: fingernails!
    contacts: glasses
    carpet: drapes
    sunshine: little miss

  10. apple pie: granny smiths
    elevator: penthouse, please.
    fabulous: me, of course
    computer: must blog. must blog now.
    airlines: vacation
    visit from someone special: chad. hrumph!
    chalkboard: ooh! ooh! i know the answer. pick me!
    contacts: phone book
    carpet: won’t lay it anymore
    sunshine: on my shoulders makes me happy

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