Spider’s: Train of Thought Thursday


Well, well, well – here it is, time again for Train of Thought Thursday.  The bf and I were chatting earlier in the week and we thought it might be fun to theme the TOTT’s for the next couple of weeks so today is the first of those. 

For the tactile in the group, today’s TOTT is, hold your breath, don’t blink, hang in there, drum roll please…  TEXTILES! See – you don’t get that everywhere!

  • linen
  • cotton
  • polyester
  • leather
  • rayon
  • Dacron
  • cashmere
  • alpaca
  • suede
  • Naugahyde

Remember, have fun!


~ by Brett on June 7, 2007.

13 Responses to “Spider’s: Train of Thought Thursday”

  1. * linen … sheets
    * cotton … candy
    * polyester … Johm Travolta amd Saturday Night Fever
    * leather … sofa
    * rayon … synthetics
    * Dacron … polyester
    * cashmere … sweater
    * alpaca … what’s an alpaca? hehehe!
    * suede … shoes
    * Naugahyde … vinyl

    Hon….I remind me to fail you in dictation. Some of these are not what we discussed. Bless your soul. LMAO!!!!

  2. * linen – tablecloth
    * cotton – t-shirt
    * polyester – leisure suit (sweat!)
    * leather – harness and chaps
    * rayon – women’s stuff
    * Dacron – Dow Chemical
    * cashmere – sweaters; Mr. Rodgers
    * alpaca – warmth; camping, hiking
    * suede – sport coat, dry clean nightmare
    * Naugahyde – fake furniture

  3. linen: white suit
    cotton: t-shirts
    polyester: junpsuit
    leather: boots
    rayon: and silk blend
    dacron: WhoTF! wears dacron
    cashmere: turtleneck
    alpaca: oversized hippie cardigans sold at street fairs
    suede: trousers
    naugahyde: pleather

  4. linen: sheets
    cotton: panties
    polyester: drum major uniform
    leather: cola
    rayon: crayons
    Dacron: Acron
    cashmere: speedo
    alpaca: Cusco
    suede: Elvis
    Naugahyde: Burt Reynolds

  5. * linen – wrinkles
    * cotton – soft
    * polyester – wrong
    * leather – warmth
    * rayon – weird
    * Dacron – polyester
    * cashmere – gorgeous
    * alpaca – wool
    * suede – smooth
    * Naugahyde – fake

    Sorry if this posts twice as not sure what happened to the first one???

  6. linen: soiled
    cotton: makes the world breathe
    polyester: John Waters
    leather: a must
    rayon: OMG is this back?
    dacron: chemical element I think
    cashmere: goats
    alpaca: llama
    suede: shoes
    naugahyde: Mrs. naugahyde from “Maude”.

  7. Linen – Pants
    Cotton- Field
    Polyester- Leisure Suit
    Leather- and Lace
    Rayon – the froor
    Dacron -*** stares blankly***
    Cashmere – expensive
    Alpaca- suitcase you pack a suitcase
    Suede – Blue
    Naugahyde- How many naughas had to die to make that couch ?

  8. Linen: Summer shirt

    Cotton: the fabric of our lives

    Polyester: seventies

    Leather: jockstrap

    Rayon: fifties

    Dacron: abomination

    Cashmere: fluffy pink sweater worn in a twink bar by a skinny kid with adenoids

    Alpaca: sweaters and gloves on a blaket in the marketplace outside of Pisac, Peru. Being sold by an ancient Quecua woman.

    Suede: shoes, blue, size 11 1/2

    Naugahyde: Sofa in the lobby of a hotel that doesn’t quite live up to its own aspirations

  9. Linen – Closet
    Cotton- Gin
    Polyester- Divine
    Leather- Aromatic
    Rayon – Viscose
    Dacron – PET Bottles
    Cashmere – Ed Wood
    Alpaca- “Tina, you fat lard, come get some dinner!”
    Suede – DuraSuede
    Naugahyde – Pleather

  10. I will just skip to the end because that is what my brain did;
    Naugahyde – Mrs. Naugatuck (God do I feel dated)

  11. * linen – curtains
    * cotton – buds
    * polyester – Rains
    * leather – bags
    * rayon – dacron
    * Dacron – Formula
    * cashmere – Kashmir
    * alpaca – Now reminds be of Alps
    * suede – coat
    * Naugahyde – Miss Naughty of Ms Blyton

  12. Linen – Fine
    Cotton – Comfort
    Polyester – 70’s
    Leather – jacket
    Rayon – Man made
    Dacron- what
    Cashmere – expensive
    alpaca – Butt
    sueade – handle with care
    naugahyde – No way.

  13. linen- Italy
    Cotton-Dad’s dress shirts
    Polyester-math teachers
    Leather-Harness? Bullwhip? Oh where to begin!
    Rayon-Fake silk
    Dracon-Don’t know what that is.
    alpaca-isn’t that a kind of lama?
    suede-Don’t get it wet.
    naugahyde-1960s rumpus room

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