Tony’s: We’re Still Around…Spider Update

Sorry guys for the lack of activity on this blog over the past two plus weeks.  I have been traveling during this time, in part to visit Spider.  In fact I just returned this past Wednesday evening from visiting him in Orlando.  Spider has not posted here primarily because he is still without a computer.  The effects of the radiation and chemo treatments finally caught up with him and as a result he has been running ‘tired.’  Therefore, he hasn’t gotten up to the library nearly as frequent.

Spider asked me to pass along the hellos and well wishes to you all.  On my last visit day with Spider I went to his cancer surgeon’s visit with him.  He has the low down on exactly what procedures they are doing and what he needs to do before and after the surgery.  As with any serious illness, he is managing the stresses one is posed with as best as he can, including the emotional elements.  Spider is slated to go into the hospital this Monday morning to spend a day getting all the pre-op stuff taken care of and then Tuesday morning (yes…the day before Fourth of July), the doctor will be removing the cancerous rectal growth and the immediate-surrounding, infected lymph nodes.  He is expected to be in the hospital for about eight days.  Then he’ll have a two to three recovery period at home before he starts his second round of chemotherapy.

So please keep Spider in your thoughts and prayers, especially on Tuesday.  With some luck the surgery will successfully extricate the cancer for good.  If any of you have any personal email messages to pass along to Spider you can always email them to me at my site email address,, and I will see that they are passed along to him in some manner.

Guess it’s a matter of staying tuned in for the next batch of info.


~ by Tony on June 29, 2007.

12 Responses to “Tony’s: We’re Still Around…Spider Update”

  1. Hey Tony,

    Thanks for the updates. I hope you had a great trip, though I’m sure there was some bittersweetness.

    Brett will certainly be in our thoughts. Send him our love and *hugs*.

  2. Tony, you and Spider know you have my best wishes and prayers! Thank you for your update. I was hoping that the silence from you both meant that you were enjoying your time together, but still the concern was there. So grateful for the update. We will hold you both in special places on Tuesday. Please give Spider my love.

  3. He’s in them every day! Love you guys!

  4. I just hate to see anyone go through these things….but, that’s the point I guess….that we GO THROUGH them and don’t pitch a tent there. I’m sending huge, giant good thoughts and prayers along. Hugs and loves from The Spirit.

  5. thank you for the update. I’ve been thinking about Mr. Spider.
    Good vibes/prayers going his way – and several saints are being asked to intervene as well.

  6. Sending him all the good thoughts I can. Thanks for the update.

  7. stay strong and take care. i hope spider feels better soon.

  8. Tony,
    Thanks SO much for keeping us updated. Spider will be in my thoughts until I hear/read that everything went well with his surgery. A big hug to the both of you. 🙂

  9. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date Tony! 🙂 I hope you managed to do some fun and relaxing touristy stuff on your trip too!

  10. Thanks for the update Tony!

  11. Thanks for the update Tony. You’ll both be in my thoughts and prayers. 🙂

  12. Thanks for the update – my thoughts are with both of you,

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