Tony’s and Spider’s: Train of Thought Thursday on a Friday


Well…Spider hasn’t done one of these TOTT posts in a while and I miss them. So I thought I would slip one in for him. Unfortunately, the thought hit me a day late so were doing it on Friday. No big deal, right??? Spider had last suggested that we’d be running a couple of these posts on a theme basis so I thought I’d stay with that thought. We’ve just stepped into the summer months so what better theme to go with than SUMMER.

Without any further hesitation, let’s step into this Train of Thought Thursday’s shopping list of words! List what word or phrase strikes you for each line item.

  • barbecue
  • pool
  • alcohol
  • bronzed
  • bathing suit
  • shorts
  • water
  • footwear
  • eyewear
  • vacation
  • summer sport
  • lotion

Remember, have fun!

P.S. Spider is doing well. He’s been out of the hospital since this past Monday afternoon and has his first follow-up doctor’s visit on July 18th. He’s on a diet of soft foods for right now. He has had a little pain discomfort but surprisingly it is in the abdomen region.


~ by Tony on July 13, 2007.

5 Responses to “Tony’s and Spider’s: Train of Thought Thursday on a Friday”

  1. * barbecue: sauce
    * pool: cooling off
    * alcohol: something I can’t have anymore
    * bronzed: chicken (??)
    * bathing suit: nice ass
    * shorts: board shorts
    * water: waves
    * footwear: flip-flops (just bought some)
    * eyewear: Revo
    * vacation: Disney
    * summer sport: volleyball
    * lotion: SPF 36

  2. barbecue – Brad (
    pool – refreshing
    alcohol – Sorry, I don’t get it.
    bronzed – hunk
    bathing suit – required?
    shorts – hairy legs! oh yeah!
    water – drink plenty
    footwear – sensible shoes
    eyewear – SO cool on a hot guy
    vacation – 42 days, baby!
    summer sport – requires balls
    lotion – has many applications

  3. barbecue – hot
    pool – wet
    alcohol – beer
    bronzed – tan
    bathing suit – Speedo
    shorts – Bermuda
    water – cold
    footwear – sandals
    eyewear – ray bans
    vacation – Hawaii
    summer sport – volleyball
    lotion – suntan

  4. * barbecue: Eastern Carolina Pork BBQ
    * pool: Adult Swim
    * alcohol: rubbing
    * bronzed: “tan in a can”
    * bathing suit: birthday suit
    * shorts: board shorts
    * water: hose
    * footwear: Rainbows
    * eyewear: Oakleys
    * vacation: Cape Hatteras
    * summer sport: sunbathing
    * lotion: aloe

  5. barbecue = sauce
    pool = lifeguards
    alcohol = beer
    bronzed = baby shoes
    bathing suit = optional
    shorts = legs
    water = pool
    footwear = vans
    eyewear = ophthalmologist
    vacation = wishful thinking
    summer sport = watching surfers change clothes along the beach
    lotion = sunscreen

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