Spider – Oh oh Dreamliner… with apologies to Gary Wright…

On July 8, 2007 it rolled out of a hanger in Everett, Washington. It was the 9th of the “7” series. It is the first to use composite material throughout the plane. It has the first ergonomically designed cabin utilizing fiber optics and light emitting diode lighting to significantly reduce stress to the body on overnight and cross country flights. It has more orders than any other wide-body jet in history pre-flight (Qantas has ordered 65, Air Canada, 37). It is the first significant new jet airliner in twenty years and you can own one for between $146 and $200 million dollars US. It has a wheelchair accessible lavatory as well as a higher humidity level in the cabin to increase passenger comfort and larger windows so that the passenger is able to view the horizon. It’s official name is the Boeing 787 but it is being called the Dreamliner.





While she is no DC-10/MD-11…





she sure is one beautiful craft. Look for her in May, 2008 at an airport near you.


~ by Brett on July 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “Spider – Oh oh Dreamliner… with apologies to Gary Wright…”

  1. That second to the last picture was taken at San Diego Lindberg Field. I don’t travel as much now as a few years ago, but I’m looking forward to flying on the new generation of jets you mentioned. Also looking forward to your blog, now that you’re posting again!

  2. My friend Gene moved to a house in the last few months that is directly under a very busy landing approach for MEM. Over cocktails on Sundays in the back yard, we look up at the sky and try to identify the type of plane.

    I think of you whenever I see a DC-10 fly overhead.

  3. See. That’s another thing we missed. Airplane updates. 🙂

  4. Now that’s a plane. Wow! Missed your jet reports too!

  5. Almost makes me want to travel somewhere. Then I remember the security lines, the lost luggage, 3oz bottles, bad airport food, rude people, and I find the pictures are enough for me.

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