Spider – Tell Me Tuesday…

Hello everyone!  We haven’t had a “Tell Me Tuesday” in a month of Sunday’s, so I think we are overdue and it is time for a new one.


You all know the drill,  just drop your answer into the comment section and enjoy reading everyone else’s responses – the most important thing of Tell Me Tuesday is the ENJOYING part of this!

After my heart attack, my cardiologist came in my room and handed me a list of foods and drink – he told me to read the list carefully and to select ONE (1) item off the list.  We had French Fries, burgers, bacon, sausage, Diet Coke, different cheeses – pretty much my entire diet prior to that day.  He told me that I could keep ONE (1) thing on that list on my diet and I had to give up everything else that was on there.  He told me he did this because if he made people give up everything on the list, 9 times out of 10 they gave up nothing – but allowing people to keep ONE (1) vice they were much more likely to give up other things if they were allowed to hang on to one.  So far it has worked well for me – I have not had anything fried to eat since March 11 and have only had red meat once during that time; I have been able to give up everything else by getting to keep my ONE (1) vice, Diet Coke.

Given this, today’s Tell Me Tuesday is…

Given all the vices and “guilty pleasures” that you have in your life, if you were allowed to keep only ONE (1) of them, which one would it be?  It doesn’t have to be a food, it just needs to be a vice or a “guilty pleasure”.


~ by Brett on July 23, 2007.

16 Responses to “Spider – Tell Me Tuesday…”

  1. I read your list, when I saw Diet Coke, I knew that would be the one you would choose. I KNEW it!

    For now, the vice that I wouldn’t want to give up would be, yeah, you guessed it… the smokes.

  2. I took a lot of pleasure just mentally reviewing my “guilty pleasures”. My one guilty pleasure I could not give up on now, is time spent with someone special I recently met. Dare I say he is enchanting and intriguing. 🙂

  3. I could give it all up, even bacon and my beloved smokes, as long as I could keep my computer with high-speed connection. You can get anything on-line these days (and I’ve tried!!!)

    Maybe Brad would send a video of him smoking to me. Now THAT would be a guilty pleasure!

    What? TMI?

  4. Spider, this one is hard! It is almost Sophie’s Choice. I think I will end up closely echoing MiKell’s choice. I think the one think I would need to keep is my access (on-line) to my instructional videos. I’m guessing no one will be surprised.

  5. Chocolate. No, wait, ice cream. Tea? Cheese? I’d be one of the people who ended up not giving up anything.

  6. Chips would have to stay. Doritos, potato chips, etc. Wait! Ice cream may have to be at the top of the list. One or the other.
    Sidenote: Is that a DC-10 in the header picture, by any chance??

    SPIDER SAYS: It is Lewis, you sharp boy you! And I must apologize to you – one for again not being able to do dinner when you were in town (we WILL meet and it will be fabulous) and for not having you in my blogroll – the latter has been taken care of – again, my sincerest apologies – chemo brain strikes again!

  7. I see a trend starting. I could never give up my internet connection! 🙂

  8. This is a hard one… hmm… it’s either porn or the internet. Yes, it’s hard! gaaaah!

    Hello Spider!! Thanks for dropping by. Hope you’re feeling pretty good these days!!!

  9. Well, I already gave up alcohol, and then all things gluten. So the one thing I would keep is…”everything else.” Hey, it’s all the same on a cosmic, sub-atomic level, right?

    If that isn’t an acceptable answer, then my internet connection with all the associated hardware is definitely what takes up most of my time and gives me the most pleasure each day.

  10. oh, it would have to be instructional videos, I’d have to keep them, I’ve given up French Fries for six months while I was on the ride. and I suppose I could give up burgers too, I don’t drink soda… but I need my instructional videos

  11. There are so many things to choose from and most of them I won’t give up. I guess if there was one thing for sure it would have to be cable television. I watch way to much telly but I find it is completely distracting when I need it the most. As for food that ain’t gonna happen!

  12. I won’t speak of my guilty pleasure because I don’t want to jinx anything about it. 😉 I’m glad you’re feeling better, and thank you for the kind thoughts about my Dad. He’s having the cysotoscopy today so we should know more about his prognosis this afternoon.

  13. if it’s in the food department, I’d have to say bacon. I hate the thought of eating Babe, but there is nothing better than a BLT.

    i’m afraid the computer and internet would be awfully hard to give up. it’s as much an addiction as anything else, and not really good for me. I justify it by saying that it’s nothing more than having the world’s knowledge at the touch of a key at all times…but who’s kidding whom?

  14. God…..I have so many vices. I guess caffeine. Is that too general? If it is, then I’m gonna have to go with Red Bull.

  15. As the young gentlemen in my neighborhood would say:
    “Dude, 4:20, all year long.

    That’s the one vice I hope to be buried with.

  16. Just like almost everyone else, my guilty pleasure would have to be computer access with high-speed internet. 🙂

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