Spider – Odds and Ends for a Wednesday Night…

Just a conglomeration of different things that I have run across that have made me go hum…

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If you are out pricing the cost of a CABGx4 at your local hospital, Orlando Regional Medical Center charges $141,721.00 for theirs – not counting radiology, emergency department, physician and surgery charges – those are extra. That comes out to more than $10,000.00 a day.

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We are a fat society – a REALLY fat society. Below are two map charts of the US – the first from 1985, the second from 2004 – they show the percentage of adults that are considered obese in that state. I think they were kind to Florida – they obviously have not been to Florida Mall on a Saturday afternoon to witness the waddling of the sausage – the number of 40lb sausages crammed into 20 lbs of casing…




And now to top it all off, they think that obesity is contagious

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AfterElton.com has polled gay and lesbians to come up with their own Hot 100 list to compete with People Magazines 50 Sexiest Men and all the other heterosexual based lists out there. Needless to say, the lists did not even come close. You can see the Hot 100 List here… and below are some of the pictures of the people who made the list – you can click to see the entire list and all the pictures – make sure you give yourself time to look at all 100 of the hunks.


















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There are times when it is perfectly acceptable to say “OH SHIT”









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My man gets back from Chicago tonight, just in time to get ready to take out to Tahoe with the family – which gets him home in just enough time to get ready for a trip to Hawaii… maybe frequent flyer miles will work for another trip to Florida – I know I am selfish but what can I say… ~eg~


~ by Brett on July 25, 2007.

8 Responses to “Spider – Odds and Ends for a Wednesday Night…”

  1. I was intrigued to see Michigan light up so ‘red’ in the obesity chart – mostly because I have been to Wisconsin and they are just the same if not worse!

  2. I think that the only reason someone jets around the country is to earn flier miles to take trips to FL. I don’t think any of us blame him. 🙂

  3. I can’t afford a new CABGx4, but do you know where I can get one used?

    There were a lot of “no data” states in the first map. Seems to put the whole “trend” idea in question. I’m guessing we’ve been fat for a good long while. McDonald’s isn’t a new company, after all.

    There are some people missing off the 100 hottest guys list, but I suppose there will always be. We need to have a “hottest guys” list without a cap so it can keep growing, and growing, and growing…

    Love those “oh shit” pics! Scary and hilarious!

  4. Ooo. Pictures of Mat”s cute little toes. Oh, my!

    SPIDER SAYS: I put that on in there just for you – blue jeans and toes!

  5. Yummy pictures. And several of my boyfriends are on there which is nice. Of course I feel sort of old because I don’t know who a lot of these men are.

    Glad you are back to visiting and that I’ve found you again.

  6. Waddling of the sausage? Are you sure you’re talking about mall activities? Maybe in the men’s room. Did you about crap when you got that bill? Ahh…….glad that someone is making money in this country.

  7. Well bud…it’s merely the travel blood in me…consuming me these days. LOL. Alas…back to packing for Tahoe…out of here at 5am tomorrow.

  8. Well, the guys at the bottom of your posting aren’t contributing to the trend shown in the maps at the top of your posting. I tink i need to sit down for a bit.

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