Spider – 36 days and counting…

That is right Spiderball fans, there are only thirty-six (36) more days, count’em – thirty-six (36) more days until the Spiders


start their football season against SEC foe Vanderbilt at Vanderbilt.


And while it is still in the high 90’s here in the Sunshine State with “feels like” temperatures in the 105’s, it will soon be fall in the City of the Monuments and football season will be starting. Hopefully, this is the last season that the Spiders will have to be playing in UR Stadium, formally known as City Stadium – the city owned field that is out in the neck of the woods where Kelly lives. Football stadiums off campus are not a good thing, but if you have ever seen the UR campus, it lives up to its ranking as one of the top 5 most beautiful campuses in America. It is surrounded by the Country Club of Virginia, the James River and neighborhoods of home where I MIGHT be able to afford a door knob on the garage – so an on campus stadium is a trick.

But as usual, the University has come through with an outstanding option. They are looking at turning the soccer field/track and field stadium into the new football stadium – built on scale of the rest of the campus complete in the Collegiate Gothic architecture style of the rest of the campus.

Below is an aeriel view of University of Richmond Stadium where the Spiders currently play…


And below is a picture of the current First Market Stadium..


And these are the architect renderings for the new First Market Stadium. The capacity will be right at 9,000 – a little smaller than the seating in the Robins Center – the basketball arena on campus. Now I hear the giggles out there – 9,000 – my high school drew 9,000 to a game. But what you need to realize is that the entire student body of UR – counting undergrads, grad students, the law school and the business school is right at 2,750 – give or take a few hundred – so it really is a perfect size.




An on-campus stadium will be a great addition to the University campus and a real plus for the team. And so you can begin to start to plan your Saturday afternoons for the fall, below is a copy of the UR schedule – five (5) televised games this year for the Spiders.


And just remember, keep it tuned here and I will update you on each and every one of the games listed below – because just remember, “I’m Spider born and Spider bred and when I die I will be Spider dead…”


~ by Brett on July 27, 2007.

7 Responses to “Spider – 36 days and counting…”

  1. Glad you like football and sports. So many gay men don’t. It is shameful. I asked the Shrew to name as many NFL teams as he could think of. He could only name 12. He mistakenly named a few MLB teams too! Ha ha. Then he tried to brag that he named most of the NFL teams. I had to break the harsh truth to him that there are 32 NFL teams and he wasn’t even close to naming most of them. Oh, by the way… I can name all the logos of all the teams you listed below. The Calgary Flames have always been my favorite hockey team. But those Charlotte Hornets are now the New Orleans Hornets.

  2. So let me get this right…you will be supporting The Spiders. Right??? 🙂 Hope your team does well. We don’t get much American football here in the land down under but I’ve grown quite attached to the AFL http://afl.com.au/. It’s a fast paced game and the eye candy ain’t to bad either

  3. May the Spiders have a great year. I really loved the architectural renderings. Things like that make it clear what an architectural/CAD geek I am. 😉

  4. Virginny vs. Vandy? Hmmm. I might just have to root for the home team. 🙂

  5. New stadiums are always exciting. New beer taps, new urinals, new popcorn poppers. Oh, and a new field, I suppose, too. 😉

  6. As the season approaches so does our hunger for Spider-supplied eye candy of appropriate players. 🙂 I mean, is there any other purpose to football?

  7. I am so ready for football season….

    Glad you are on the mend as well!

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