Spider – A Peek at “Spider Central”…

I “borrowed” this post from Lemuel… seems like I am doing a lot of borrowing now days for my blog – I guess the brain is not yet back to 100%. His post on Friday was What I See From my Desk at Work. Well, since I am currently handling these pesky health issues rather than working full-time, I can only give you What I See From My Desk at Home.


On the walls around my desk:

Since my computer is in the living room of the cottage, it is in the hub of activity. It is kitty-cornered (no, NOT katty-cornered but kitty-cornered, the correct way to pronounce the word) in the corner of the living room between two (2) windows – the window to the left is a large casement window that faces Central so I can watch all the cars go by as well as all of the hunky joggers. The right window is next to the front door next to the front door. It looks out over the parking area so I can sit at Spider Central (SC for short) and see who is coming to the front door. There are two pieces of art hanging over the desk between the two windows – they are both done my a local artist Robert Lanham – in fact he has done all of the art work in my living room. Modern, slightly impressionistic, bright vibrant colors that light up the room. These two pieces are totally abstract – bright colors with gold leaf – they are two of my favorites. The other pieces in the Living Room are also Lanham’s – four (4) of them are of sailboats – one incorporating wire into the work – the last one is a landscape. The desk itself is glass and chrome – with the glass slightly tented a light shade of blue. The monitor is complements of Sorted as is the keyboard and mouse – (1000 thanks my dear).


To the left of the glass blotter there are two (2) vases – both a combination of glass and chrome – one square that looks somewhat like dice, the other is tall with the glass holding the metal piece that acts of the vase. Behind them is another vase – a middle eastern piece that looks somewhat like a bowling pin – turquoise in color with a red ribbon that looks like string around the smallest point of the neck. This is the last of what was a set of three (3) – one was yellow with the “rope” portion being purple and the other on red with the band in blue – the cat broke one and I broke the other putting on a jacket, the empty arm hit the vase and it hit the floor. There are two (2) others I have seen in town – they are both at Friends, our Tuesday night dinner place – one is the yellow one and the other one is green – I need to approach him to see if he would be willing to sell them.



On the right of the desk there are three (3) coaster-like pieces that I picked up at the Farmers Market on Sunday’s after brunch at Lake Eola – two are diachronic glass and one just bright colors – any of the three (3) are perfect for holding a can of diet coke – which one would usually see there. Before you all go and get kinky on me, that is not the worlds smallest butt-plug but the antenna for my wireless connection. There is a turned wooden bowl that I purchased several years ago at the Maitland Art Festival – it is made from tigerwood with a black finial on top. There is also a figurine of an angel on my desk. This was a gift from my ex many years ago – she said that the face looked exactly like my Grandmother – and she was right (as always) – it has meant so much to me for those two (2) reasons. There is also one of those room freshener “reeds in the oil” pieces in the back – it was a Christmas gift and it really does work well – the sent d’jour is Vanilla Mist. There is also SpiderPod all plugged in and raring to go – need to download some new tunes onto SpiderPod in anticipation of the 11 hour Chemo sessions that will be starting soon – I am sure SpiderPod will be a welcome diversion as he has been throughout this entire journey. If I can’t have the MAN who gave me SpiderPod next to me, then SpiderPod is the next best thing! There are also speakers that you can see in both of these pictures.


The center of the desk on the elevated platform holds the CRT and my model of the Canadian Airways DC-10 that Jetboy gave me when he came to visit in January – I love it almost as much as I enjoyed his visit and would love to have him return again – he has an open invitation!

SO, there it is. Spider Central in all its glory! And when Lemuel shows us what is BEHIND his desk at work, I will clue you all in on what is behind Spider Central. Afterall, it does work like “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” – right?


~ by Brett on July 27, 2007.

7 Responses to “Spider – A Peek at “Spider Central”…”

  1. I don’t do the art thing, so I guess there is a lot that you could teach me, I’m sure. Your pieces are beautiful and even I can see that with my untrained eye.

  2. Time for a flat-screen monitor! =)

  3. Um, I don’t see any spiderwebs. What’s up with that? There are bats in Batman’s cave, but no spiderwebs in Spider Central?

    Oh, and you were too late telling me not to go kinky. I went there way before you warned me not to.

  4. Thanks for leting us into the web.

  5. Really like the glass and that is a lovely wooden bowl. Sorry I went the kinky route before reading futher.

  6. Gee, you must be gay! Your space is so “artsy” (in a kool way – great art! I really do love it). Mine was at work and is almost purely practical. 😦 You did pics too! Maybe I’ll do one from home.

  7. I LOVE the DC-10 banner as well! I love the that CDN DC-10!

    I will come back to Orlando. I promise! Not sure when, but I will fly down again. So thanks for the invite. I will take you up on it soon.

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