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They are back! Yup – Sunday Snippets have returned. Just general musings of what I have observed and thought about over the previous week. Sometime interesting, often boring and usually bizarre… but hey – it is what it is!

  • The City or Orlando and the Orange County commissioners have passed the Downtown Development package which includes a new arena for the Orlando Magic, a refurbish of the Citrus Bowl and the building of a Performing Arts Center. The majority of the residents were behind this project because we knew it was the only way we were going to get a Performing Arts Center. But in order to get it passed, the powers that be agreed to build the new arena first (even though we have an arena that was built to the Magic’s specs less than 20 years ago) to be completed by 2009, refurbish the Citrus Bowl by 2011 and the Performing Arts Center by 2012 – which means that by the time they get around to starting the OPAC the cost will be much greater than the slated dollars and those dollars probably won’t be available anyway and Orlando will remain as cultureless as it is today.
  • Today was a sad day. This place…



is closing today. They will reopen in two (2) months as Cityfish – a seafood and raw bar restaurant.



This is good for downtown because we don’t have a seafood place downtown and the spot is perfect for it -but it is bad because this is where the brunch bunch,



in some combination of people (myself, Hypoxic, Sorted, MiKell, Tony, Derek, Pete, “M”, Wenchy, Doug, Chris, alt>Mike, David), have been meeting for brunch for over a year. We have been eating wonderful food like this…


and like this…


for a long time. A lot of stories have been told, a lot of dirt has been dished, a lot of secrets told and a lot of love and friendship shared over these tables and these meals. But as someone said today, all good things must come to an end. We are examining new places for brunch – Panera Bread is a good option – around the corner and across from Lake Eola so that brunch and walk can still be incorporated. The sushi place next door is starting a brunch also so there is another option. Cityfish will also have a brunch menu when they reopen so we may end up back there. We are having to ease MiKell into the change – he gets upset when someone orders something different to eat or God forbid we walk around the lake in the opposite direction or walk back to the cottage a different way.

  • I think I have become addicted to Skittles. Ever since my first surgery, I have developed quite a sweet tooth. I have never been one for deserts or candy, but since my heart surgery I am craving sweets.


I have always loved Skittles, but I have been eating them like crazy – especially when I am on line. Original, Tropical Fruit, Sour, Smoothy Mix, Wild Berry – doesn’t matter. Just what I need, ANOTHER 12 step program to attend!

  • Hampton had a “short bus” moment on Friday – she was asleep by my feet when I was on the computer that day.


She woke up, walked across the living room, into the bedroom, hopped up on the bed and proceed to pee all over the brand new comforter… Needless to say I was not a happy camper. Had to take the comforter to the laundromat for a double washing – sheets in the washer, mattress pad in the washer, dog in her crate… I know this is from her brain damage and it was just one of her “lack of synapse” moments but it sure pissed me off – pun intended.

  • I am really over the old people in Orlando who have their handicapped placard that they hang from their rear view mirror and keep it hanging there when they drive when is specifically says to take it down when the car is in motion. 90% of them can’t see anyway and THAT is exactly what they need – a big blue and white card hanging right in their line of sight.
  • Tomorrow I have two (2) doctor appointments – oncologist and cardiologist along with lab work and my pre-op paperwork and test for my outpatient surgery on the 7th of August when they implant the port for my next round of chemo. Not sure why this has to be OP surgery except for the fact they need some of the radiology technology to make sure the catheter is positioned in my heart correctly – that and to get ANOTHER $250.00 surgery co-pay from me.
  • So A-Rod wants out of New York – the media hype is too much for him to handle. After two years of very average play he is finally having a season that comes close to justifying his salary. Perhaps the greatest player of his time at his position playing the the largest market in the world for one of the best know sports franchises of all times and it is too much for him to handle… PLEASE. Maybe he needs to become a Devil Ray for awhile…
  • Innocent until proved guilty is the cornerstone of the American judicial system and a concept that I believe in and one that seems to be forgotten in today society. So, I am able to think that Michael Vick is innocent until he is proved guilty of the charges against him. But when they find him guilty as I think he is and I think they will, I hope he gets the book thrown at him, looses the rest of his endorsements and never plays another down in the NFL.
  • I have been watching the first two (2) seasons of Hawaii Five-O on DVD this week. Brad brought up a good point about that show – they dubbed in tire squeals even when McGarrett was driving 10 mph in a parking lot.
  • Along with Hawaii Five-O, thanks to Sorted and “M” I have also been watching OZ on DVD. I have one more disc of season 3 to watch and then off to season 4. All I can say is I LOVE it when they throw them into isolation…
  • I am so happy that my man is getting to travel around this summer, getting to meet people he has wanted to meet and go places he has wanted to go. Tahoe this week, then Hawaii… TOY like crazy… MWAH!
  • He has done it so much for me that now I get to do it for him. Connectivity is at a premium at Tahoe, so He Who Designs may or may not have connectivity for the week or so he is there. Please don’t take it personally – it is just that he can’t get a skip to get on. If there is important news or anything exciting I will be happy to pass it on here.
  • And in closing, I found this on Wikipedia and I think I am going to be using it quite often in the future. They have an entire area devoted to “not giving a fuck” when it comes to editing in their site and in dealing with people and life in general. They have banners which they use when it is time for people to not care so much and to not give a fuck about certain things. For me, drama queens, people who are overly concerned about trivial bullshit that they continue to dwell on and things that I just can’t be bothered with anymore are going to get this


Try it – I think it will make us all feel better at times!


~ by Brett on July 29, 2007.

11 Responses to “Spider – Sunday Snippets”

  1. So glad you brought the Sunday Snippets back. I love the little news gems. Sorry to hear about Hampton’s “shortbus” moment. With such a cute face, I couldn’t get upset.

    Good luck with your two doctor appointments. 🙂

  2. Well, I will NOT use the DGAF sticker when visiting here! That’s dor sure. Good luck at your appointments tomorrow! Poor Hampton! We still love you Hampton, regardless of what you did to the comforter!

  3. Good luck with the Dr. Where is Tony coming in Hawaii? Maui perhaps ….if so I will have to give you my digits so Patrick and I can hang out with him if he wishes. Although it will be wierd meeting him before meeting you. I suppose I could deal with it .

  4. i am very glad to see Sunday Snippets returned!
    Skittles beat Zoloft and Paxil in a double blind study in the treatment of depression.
    good luck with the MDs, get your questions addressed.

  5. Damn that’s a lot of snippets!

    Sorry the CCM is closing down. I know MiKell will be going through withdrawal and then jitters at whatever new place, and then jitters again if/when you guys go back when CCM reopens.

    Thankfully you didn’t put Hampton in the washer, too. 😉

  6. I don’t know how I feel about the approval of the 3 venues. I am glad they aren’t going on I-Drive (Can Harris Rosen act anymore like a baby over this?) and there will be a performing arts center. I could give a rat’s ass about the Arena and the Citrus Bowl. Jim Philip’s brought up a great observation Friday: He believes the CB will never get renovated because no one has put any money behind it, unlike Disney and the Magic who have donated money to their respective locations.

  7. As I told Sorted…. Oz is some of the best porn ever made!

  8. Spider, please! I suspect you’ve had a taste for the rainbow long before your surgery ,oD I have a related disorder – an addiction to jelly bellys. Maybe if they started paying Alex with Skittles it might settle his overwrought nerves.

  9. I’m lovin’ the DGAF!!!

  10. I loved my lunch at the Grill……but missed you!

  11. Great post….sorry to hear the place is closing. Panera is great, and at least they change their menu around oftern. Glad to see you online again…I added you back to the blogroll as Here and There…Take care Brett.


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