Spider – One Ping… One Ping Please…

Another meme – who would have thunk it! I got this one from Maddog who got it from Dr. Spo. This one is a little tough – you are supposed to answer in one (1) word answers – which if any of you really know me know that that is next to impossible for me, but what the hell – here goes!


1. Where is your mobile phone? Holster
2. Relationship? Confusing

3. Your hair? Gray

4. Work? Soon
5. Your sister(s)? None

6. Your favorite thing? Holding-hands (does hyphenated count as one word?)

7. Your dream last night? None

8. Your favorite drink? Diet-Coke

9. Your dream car? Jeep

10. The room you’re in? Living

11. Your shoes? barefoot

12. Your fears? abandonment

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? alive

14. With whom did you hang out with this weekend? Sorted

15. What are you not good at? dependency

16. Muffin? Banana-nut

17. Wish list item? cash

18. Where you grew up? Florida

19. The last thing you did? ate

20. What are you wearing? Confortable

21. What are you not wearing? shoes

22. Your pet? two

23. Your computer? perfect

24. Your life? hopeful

25. Your mood? thankful

26. Missing? him

27. What are you thinking about? future

28. Your car? Green

29. Your kitchen? Red

30. Your summer? HOT

31. Your favorite color? Blue

32. Last time you laughed? Today

33. Last time you cried? Today

34. School? Done

35. Love? Yes

As always, the more the merrier – please feel free to play!


~ by Brett on July 30, 2007.

7 Responses to “Spider – One Ping… One Ping Please…”

  1. You were much better at the one word answers than I was. It is a fun MEME though and it makes you think trying to answer in one word.

  2. perfect computer! wow! I am mad-jealous or that!

  3. Ok. Turn-about’s fair play. I’m sure I’ll be stealing this one from you now. 🙂

  4. Spider I love your responses. The last one (love…yes), for whatever reason, specifically touched me.


  5. Great movie! Never read the book, though.

  6. I’ll bet the one word meme is more difficult than it appears.

  7. I needed to copy it and delete the answers and then try it later fo there is no inadvertant coloring. The non-one word phrase your’s brought to mind was “you could laugh and cry in a single sound.” There are not many days I could answer today to both of them. Today would have been one of them.

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