Spider – I guess that is as good reason as any…


Cindy Meston and David Buss have just published in the August issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior the 237 reasons why college aged students have sex. You can read the entire article here, with a synopsis of the research here. Now, as a man who is a self proclaimed “statistics nerd”, and has an excellent grasp of psychological research methodology and statistical analysis of said research, I will not bore you with all the things that are wrong with this research, but that aside – it does give us a glimpse into the minds of sexual active college students at the University of Texas. I did not see any attention given to heterosexual Vs homosexual.

Some of the reasons are pretty straight forward (I was horny, it feels good and the like) – others were a little more altruistic – but the disturbing list is the least given reasons (to give someone and STD, they offered me drugs for it). While none of these reasons are beyond understanding they are still disturbing none the less.

So, here are the lists – for what they are worth. They will at least give everyone interesting conversation over a cup of coffee with your co-workers. The lists are set up so that the women’s responses are in the first column with the men’s responses in the second column.

The first lists are the fifty (50) most frequent reasons for having sex – remember, women on the left, men on the right.




The following are the fifty most infrequent reasons given for having sex – remember, the first column is college aged women and the second column is college aged men…



Just remember when you read this list that the “Prince of Tides” was neither about princes or tides – discuss…


~ by Brett on August 1, 2007.

9 Responses to “Spider – I guess that is as good reason as any…”

  1. That’s a hot picture. I have sex because I need the tension release. And it is my way to show how much I love a person.

  2. I think I should print these out and stick them in my wallet. 😉

  3. great list mate, your like me though i wonder how subjective they really are considering the topic and the age bracket of the people?

    anyway great post


  4. It strikes me that the reasons given are pretty similar between the sexes – with the similarities weighted toward the top, or more frequent responses, and breaking apart somewhat toward the bottom, with some exceptions. Interesting. In real life, there’s more nuance of course, with a variety of motives coming into play depending on the circumstances and partner.

  5. Totally off-topic … but I’ve been away for awhile. Spider, it’s so good to see you posting again. I’ve been thinking about you daily for the past couple of months! I think that I can even see the smile back on your face.

  6. I know they’re infrequent, but the fact that someone actually gave “I wanted to give someone and STD” is frightening.

  7. You know, the more things change, the more they stay the same. These reasons sound very reminiscent of those from back in the 80s when I was in High School.

  8. excellent list. i chuckled a little bit on this one, “i wanted to improve my sexual skills”. i’m updating my resume right now and thought it would be funny to include this skill.
    anyway, i guess for some people, it is important to do this, maybe to improve relationship or something.

  9. When you are 20 do you need a reason to have sex. It’s what you do. Or at least it’s what I did. I never thought about the reason. I’ll have to exam this now.

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