Spider – Well, one more step down…

Another step down in the great trial… I had my port-a-cath put into my left shoulder this morning. This device that is located right under the skin has a catheter that leads directly to my heart and eliminates the need for daily arm sticks for the chemo. The port has a life of over 1000 sticks before it must be removed.


The chemo starts a week from today for 20 weeks. So, after that, I should be good as new… however good that was to start with!

Oh btw – it is 98 degrees here today but feels like 117 – I HATE this god forsaken hell hole!


~ by Brett on August 7, 2007.

17 Responses to “Spider – Well, one more step down…”

  1. If words were all the support you needed, I’d build you a bridge of prose. I hope it helps to know there are people out here thinking of you and sending our love and strength your way as you have to deal with all the trials and tribulations treatment brings.Maybe it would help to pretend you’re bionic and this is just an artificial part for your new super strength shoulders 🙂

  2. The cath will be much better than all of those needle sticks, no doubt. It’s hot as hell in my hole too!

  3. Glad to hear the procedure went well and that you can make dinner!! See you later.

  4. So glad to read that all went well with your appointment! I’ll have my fingers crossed that your chemo goes that much smoother.

    I know what you mean about the heat & humidity…we’re under a Heat Advisory. *whew*

  5. 20 weeks? Man, you should be glad they put that catheter in. That’ll save you getting poked (and not in a good way) so much. Wish I were there for dinner with Sorted! Love, hugs, and lots of good thoughts.

  6. Catheter or needle…i don’t know which I’d prefer if given a choice. Hopefully, this will help with the chemo. My thoughts are with you.

  7. We had 98 with feel of something around 105. Come north. It’s cooler! LOL!

  8. 90’S in my hole…humidty so high everthing feels wet!! UGH!!!
    My thoughts are with you.

  9. See…there are people out here that care. Sometimes you just call upon them. 1000 pricks aye? I’d be happy to give you a few more. 😉 LMAO!

    SPIDER SAYS – Bring ’em on hon – you know I will take all you can give and then some!

  10. take care spider. my thoughts are with you!

  11. I have to ask, since no one else is… why, when you cancer is NOT in you heart, is the CHEMO going into your heart?

    I’m just asking because (you know) I care.

    MiKell – I asked the same question – and the reason actually makes sense. Since the mass in the rectum is gone now, and they did find cancer in the lymph nodes, getting the medicine to the heart is the fastest and most efficient way of getting it to the entire body. He is concerned about getting the chemo to the rest of the body since the lymph nodes were effected, it could appear anywhere in my body.

  12. Love you Spider, I put your number in my new cellphone this week, it just put a smile on my face when I did. You know your in my thoughts and prayers. It is hot, and guess what my air in my car went out, I’ve been a dripping mess lately. I’m almost naked by the time I get home from work.

  13. just don’t go sticking any tubes with scotch into the thing like some patients I knew.
    keep cool!

  14. Know that Bandit and I are with you all the way!

  15. You’re in my thoughts and prayers as always Hon!

    P.S. What did you expect?!! It’s fucking Florida!! 😉

  16. Thinking of you as you begin this part of your journey.

  17. I was in Orlando once for a week in August. That was enough for me. Too fuckin’ HOT!! You should move as soon as you’re able to a cooler place. Take care-wishing you the best.

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