Tony’s: We’re Still Loitering Out Here!

•October 15, 2007 • 8 Comments

Hi gang!

Spider and I are still loitering out here in blogland.  I’ll have to admit that we have been remiss on keeping this blog active.  Then again, my involvement here was to always be minimal since this blog was intended to give Spider his ‘voice’ back in blogland for various reasons.

But as you know, Brett has been dealing with his second round of Chemotherapy.  And this go-around has been much more of a roller-coaster ride for him both physically and emotionally.  I think many of you, through my own personal blog, know that Spider has left Orlando for the next two and one half months while he finishes out his treatment.  I finally got to speak with him last Monday through Thursday while he was back in Orlando for treatment.  See, he can’t get a dial tone out to me on his cellphone at all from Virginia so we can’t talk the other week and a half that he is back home there.  That’s kinda what I am in the middle of right now.  He told me that he is doing much the same…still has his days of nausea and vomiting.  It seems they have the severe cramping and diarrhea he had been experiencing under control with new medication.  He is halfway through his treatment program now.  Keep him in your thoughts.

Oh, I also found out that he reluctantly caved in to changing his cat’s name of Chesapeake to HOMER.  Seems that no one liked his cat’s name.  Sigh….I did like it!!!!  There you have it.  An update on Spider and a post on this blog, long overdue.  I am hoping Spider can get his computer set  up in his parent’s house.  Seems to have the capacity but he needs to get the connection into his room…you know, for privacy purposes.  😉   Then I’ll coax him into doing a few posts for you all.   Later.


Spider – What the best dressed cancer patient is wearing in Orlando…

•August 15, 2007 • 46 Comments

It is a tasteful black clutch with a matching shoulder strap… the black goes with everything…


It contains the chemo – the juice that will kill me or will kill what is killing me…


It also holds the pump for this magical juice…


They fit neatly together in the bag…


All connected to a 4 foot hose that connects to the port in my chest – to the left of all the scars…


You should see the looks I get in public!


Spider – A major find?

•August 15, 2007 • 3 Comments

Is this a real Jackson Pollock?


Back in 2002, more than two dozen small paintings labeled POLLOCK EXPERIMENTS were found at the Home Sweet Home moving company in East Hampton, in a storage locker belonging to the late photographer and graphic artist Herbert Matter, a close friend of the painter’s. Though the provenance was impeccable—these were not drip paintings picked up at a yard sale—a debate broke out over their authenticity once the trove’s existence was announced in 2005. When the pictures are shown in public for the first time, at an exhibition at the McMullen Museum at Boston College, opening Sept. 1, the arguments are sure to erupt all over again—even though the works won’t be labeled BY JACKSON POLLOCK.

Authentication is tricky—both an art and a science. The Rembrandt Research Project has downgraded former well-known Rembrandts to “school of”; just last week experts at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam demoted a van Gogh in Australia, reclassifying it as a painting by a peer. The official catalog of Pollock’s art was controlled by two experts and his widow, the painter Lee Krasner, who died in 1984. Later, an authentication board considered hundreds of previously unknown works but admitted only a handful. The Pollock-Krasner Foundation stopped authenticating works in 1995, but its two main experts have expressed profound skepticism that the Matter pictures are by Pollock. Thanks Newsweek…

Spider – I know he is innocent until proven guilty…

•August 14, 2007 • 14 Comments



Michael Vick’s Jury Selection

(can you name all the dogs in the jury booth?)

Latest info from the Virginian Pilot:  VICK OFFERED PLEA DEAL WITH AT LEAST A YEAR IN PRISON
Federal prosecutors have offered Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick a plea deal that would recommend he serve at least one year in prison on a felony dogfighting conspiracy charge, according to two sources with knowledge of the discussions.

Spider – I knew this blog was not meant for children…

•August 14, 2007 • 9 Comments


Spider – Yes, there ARE memes I have not done…

•August 13, 2007 • 3 Comments

This was shamelessly stolen from a new blog I have found – Swim, Ski and Renovating our Home – those Canadians – funny guys! Stop by and check them out.

In general, how are you feeling on this Monday?
Not bad – better than last night – sometimes the stomach and all just acts up on me.

First person you spoke to today?
Hampton, followed closely by Chesapeake – the first human was Sorted

First song you listened to today?
Philadelphia Freedom was on the radio when I turned it on this AM
What clothes are you wearing today? – Full details please!
This evening, navy blue polo and khaki shorts – white athletic socks and blue boxers. There is a belt involved if I do remember correctly

What kind of ‘hair day’ are you having?
Not bad – getting a little ragged – need John to trim me up next week

What is the weather like today?
Hot as hell, muggy as all get out and raining like a son of a bitch

Highlight of today so far?
Nap this afternoon – good stuff

Lowlight of today so far?
None really

Highlight of the past weekend?
Meeting some new friends on Saturday night and hanging with the brunch bunch on Sunday

Lowlight of the past weekend?
Too many co-pays, not enough money
Amount of money spent over the past weekend with details of expenditure!
including Friday night?

$100 at Publix Friday night, – a cheep weekend!

A photo taken this weekend!


What are you most looking forward to this week?

Being done with Tuesday’s session and getting rid of the pump on Friday!
Thing you are least looking forward to this week?
Laundry – I HATE to do laundry…

Spider – New Blog Alert!

•August 13, 2007 • 2 Comments

Some of you have found him already, if you haven’t – get over to Drew’s Brave New World


Great blog, sports fan and he is CUTE as all get out! Even BrettCajun thinks so!